Research Studies

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Island city: Mumbai then and now (Naresh Fernandes, Live Mint, 7 December 2012)

Anxiety Rises in a Muslim Enclave Near Bombay (Amy Waldman, The New York Times, 1 September 2003)

Struggle for Justice

The Mumbai riots in historic context (Ashgar Ali Engineer, The Hindu, 8 May 2012)

In Remembrance of Horrors Past (Jyoti Punwani, Kracktivist, 15 December 2012)

Hardening Divides

What Saamna said (Frontline, 5-18 August 2000)

No Muslims please! (Arefa Tehsin, The Hindu, 20 October 2013)

In Mumbai, a ‘no rent, no sale’ policy (Rahi Gaikwad, The Hindu, 16 July 2012)

Media Representation

Verdict against Sena's provocative speech (Smruti Koppikar, Hindustan Times, 8 May 2013)

Revisiting the riots of '93 - Role of the Media (Sharmila Ganesan Ram, Communalism Watch, 10 February 2013)

Peace Initiatives

Interview Transcripts

Transcript of interview with Satish Sahney.

Transcript of interview with P K Shajahan.

Transcript of interview with Justice Srikrishna.

Transcript of interview with Julio Ribeiro.

Transcripts of interviews from Framing 92.

Transcript of interview from Flashpoint.

Transcripts of interviews from Farooq vs the State.

Transcript of interview from Ek Akhri Panah.

Transcript of interview from Badalte Nakshe.

Transcripts of interviews from the film Aman Ki Khoj.

Exploring Themes

Related Films

  • Twenty years on, the film explores some of the ways in which the '92 riots in Bombay have been and continue to be represented - in the realms of art and photojournalism. It weaves in and out of...

  • Aman Ki Khoj...Dharavi's Search for Peace is the story of a community that is determined to heal the wounds of the 1992-93 riots and forge a path of harmony. The film looks at the efforts of Bhau...

  • Traversing the tenuous realm of children, memory and the riots, the film follows Farhana Ashraf, a teacher and a writer in an attempt to explore the constructed histories of two generations. 20...

  • During the 1992-93 riots, Muslim communities living in the city witnessed communal violence within their localities. The violence that escalated then created waves of movement and people shifted...

  • Mohammed Ali Road and Mahim were among the more affected areas during the riots of 1992-1993. Twenty years later, this film takes the lens back to those areas to map the middle classes and their...

  • This film deals with the controversial case of Farooq Mhapkar, one of the key persons who was wrongly accused in the Hari Masjid case, one of the most serious episodes of the Mumbai riots of 1992-...

  • Naata is about Bhau Korde and Waqar Khan, two activists and friends, who have been involved in conflict resolution, working with neighbourhood peace committees in Dharavi, reputedly, the largest ‘...

  • Interview with Justice B N Srikrishna about the inquiry commission chaired by him on the 1992-93 Mumbai riots.

    To access the full text of the Justice Srikrishna report, click ...

  • Interview with Julio Ribeiro, former Commissioner of Police of Mumbai and trustee of the Mohalla Committee Trust, about the 1992-93 riots in Mumbai and local peace-keeping initiatives that...

  • Interview with Satish Sahney, former Commissioner of Police of Mumbai and trustee of the Mohalla Committee Trust, about the 1992-93 riots in Mumbai and local peace-keeping initiatives that...

  • Interview with academician P K Shajahan about displacement in Mumbai after the riots of 1992-93.